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Announcing K9 Ventures III, L.P. – A $42M technology-focused Pre-Seed fund

  42: The Answer to the ultimate fund size? Those of you who have read or watched the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are aware of the pop culture meme around the number 42. Yes, 42: The answer to life, the Universe, and everything. For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, here’s a clip courtesy […]

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  Earlier today I tweeted: Calling #PeakVC. Right here, right now. Done. — Manu Kumar (@ManuKumar) October 13, 2015 But I realized shortly after tweeting this that there is so much nuance packed into that one term #PeakVC that it requires a lot more than 140 characters. So here are some of the things I […]

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If I had a hammer…

If I had a hammer,I’d hammer in the morningI’d hammer in the evening,All over this land. So goes The Hammer Song by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. Well, most VCs have just one tool in their toolbox. And yes, they use the tool to hammer in the morning and hammer in the evening. That tool […]

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Thoughts on “Another View: V.C. Investing Not Dead, Just Different”

Every once in a while, you read something and you agree with what the author is saying. As you read, you can hear the resounding “yes” that accompanies the comprehension of the text. What doesn’t happen as often is the experience of where you find yourself physically nodding your head in agreement. Well, that is […]

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70% drop in venture fundraising?

VentureBeat just blogged about some new statistics published by Thomson Reuters and the NVCA in this post: Venture fundraising: Going, going, gone?. Here is the most damning/shocking excerpt from this post: Venture capital funds raised only $3.4 billion in the last three months of 2008, according to new data from Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association. Unsurprisingly, this is a big drop […]

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VentureBeat: FAS 157 is stupid

Jason Mendelson, co-founder and managing director of Foundry Group has a brilliant (brilliant in the sense that I agree with it 100%) guest post on VentureBeat: FAS 157 is stupid. It is a must-read post in which he discusses the new accounting rules (FAS 157) in effect regarding valuation of portfolio companies in the venture industry. Jason makes the […]

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Thoughts about “The Coming Venture Capital Boom”

There will be another boom in Venture Capital — it will just be after we get through the current environment and hopefully change for the better.

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