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Producers and Consumers on Social Media

I’m making a concerted effort to start blogging again on a more frequent basis. It’s not that I have suddenly discovered lots of free time. However, I’ve decided that it’s time to change priorities. In my attempt to keep up with the demands of work and home I had mostly given up on blogging. Part […]

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Congratulations @BackType!

I’m pleased to announce that K9 Ventures’ portfolio company BackType (@BackType) has been acquired by Twitter. Huge congratulations to the founding team of Christopher Golda (@golda) and Michael Montano (@michaelmontano)!

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Twitter Best Practices for Startups

Twitter has become part of almost every startups marketing and engagement strategy. It’s become a channel. Since some of my portfolio companies (@crowdflower, @twilio, @dnanexus, @highlightcam, and most recently @cardmunch) have been using Twitter more, I’ve been thinking about how startups should use their Twitter accounts. Here is what I think startups should and shouldn’t do […]

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Tips for TechCrunch50 DemoPit companies

Yesterday, while attending TechCrunch50, I tweeted some tips for the companies presenting at the conference and those participating in the demo pit. By popular demand, I’m aggregating these tweets in a blog post:

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