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Working to Walk: Designing my Walking Desk

It’s Sunday. I could have stayed home and worked from home for a couple of hours (while the kids are in language school), but instead I chose to come in to the office and work here instead. There were two driving factors for me to come in to work rather than sit on the couch […]

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Space Matters: Unveiling The Kennel

  In April 2014, in the post Making Moves, I wrote about K9’s impending move to a new space and outlined my reasons for leaving downtown Palo Alto. I loved being in downtown Palo Alto, but it was simply becoming too expensive to be able to consider staying there long term. I deliberated for a […]

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Making Moves

For all the stuff we hear in the press about Venture Capital, one thing that you don’t hear about as much is that operating a (small) venture fund is really similar to operating a “small business.” Yes, while we strive to fund the next big business, our own business is a small business. Venture funds tend to […]

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