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Investment Criteria

Someone on Quora asked me a question regarding my investment criteria for K9. I figured it would be good to cross post the response here as well. I use the following necessary, but not sufficient filters to qualify the startups I look at for investing through K9 Ventures: 1) Technical Founders: Founders with the ability to build their own product and […]

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Announcing K9 Ventures, L.P. – a seed stage fund

I’m pleased to announce the formation of K9 Ventures, L.P. – a seed-stage fund. K9 Ventures, L.P. is a $6.25M fund that is designed to do concept and seed-stage investments in technology companies. The fund will be deployed over a period of 3-4 years, with initial investment in the range of $100K – $250K, while […]

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Tips for TechCrunch50 DemoPit companies

Yesterday, while attending TechCrunch50, I tweeted some tips for the companies presenting at the conference and those participating in the demo pit. By popular demand, I’m aggregating these tweets in a blog post:

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