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Gradescope: AI for Grading and Assessment

  “I love grading” — I doubt those words have ever been uttered in earnest! The only times I’ve ever heard them or even used them is with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Lot’s of people (me included) will say “I love teaching,” but that love for grading just doesn’t come naturally. Grading gets tedious […]

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Strong (Math) Foundations

When I was an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon, I took a class in Linear Algebra. The class was taught by a visiting graduate student, not by a Carnegie Mellon professor. The instructor of this class was *so* bad that ever since taking that class, I have always had a mental block against linear algebra and […]

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Stanford Roundtable discussion on US Immigration Policy #startupvisa

On Saturday, October 24th, Stanford University hosted the Stanford Roundtable. The renowned interviewer Charlie Rose moderated a discussion titled: ‘The Road Back: From Economic Meltdown to Renewal’.  The archived webcast video is available on iTunes and on YouTube. At one point in the discussion Charlie Rose asked about the education system. President Hennessey remarked that: “We depend at the graduate level […]

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