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Manu Kumar on The Twenty Minute VC

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Manu Kumar on The Twenty Minute VC

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Harry Stebbings from The Twenty Minute VC.

Harry has done a phenomenal job of getting some of the top people in venture capital on his show and had high-quality, high-bandwidth, and chock full of good information conversations with them in a medium that is highly conducive to listening in those few spare minutes of time when your eyes may be busy, but your ears are still available.

Harry and I had a fun conversation and despite my fear of live video or live audio, I think he did an amazing job of keeping the conversation flowing and hitting on a lot of topics that I have strong opinions on.

You can find the episode on The Twenty Minute VC website, or download it on iTunes, find it on ProductHunt, or a related article on TechCrunch.

Or you can play it by just clicking this link.

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