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Archives: August 2010

Revenue Development

In 1996, when I started my first company, SneakerLabs, Inc., we began by building chat servers. This was when the state of the art was click-to-refresh HTML form-based chats. SneakerLabs’ first product was a Java-based chat server and client. It worked like a charm since we could create a more interactive experience on the Web. […]

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Twitter Best Practices for Startups

Twitter has become part of almost every startups marketing and engagement strategy. It’s become a channel. Since some of my portfolio companies (@crowdflower, @twilio, @dnanexus, @highlightcam, and most recently @cardmunch) have been using Twitter more, I’ve been thinking about how startups should use their Twitter accounts. Here is what I think startups should and shouldn’t do […]

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CardMunch: Business Cards Solved

CardMunch is a mobile business card transcription service that allows a user to scan a business card using just their mobile phone. The service delivers the highest possible accuracy of the business card transcription by using a human workforce to transcribe and verify the information on the card. The transcribed information is returned to the mobile phone as a contact.

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