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#20tweets (updated)

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Here are the slides from a talk I gave at a Carnegie Mellon Alumni event in the Bay Area today. #20tweets is tweet-sized advice for founders of tech startups. In the presentation I went into more detail and provided some rationale/anecdotes behind these tweets. For now, here are just the tweets:

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Update as of 07/10/2010: The video recording of this event was done using a ceiling mounted camera; so the video quality is not great and the slides are not very visible, but you can still hear reasonably well. The talk was a two part talk. In the first part I talk about my experience as an entrepreneur — a journey spanning 6 years, 5 different companies, 4 M&A deals, 3 financing rounds, 2 licensing deals, and 1 serial entrepreneur. This part of the talk just used a map as a guide to keep people on track. So here is the unedited version of the video recording from this event — it is somewhat long, but hopefully at least some of you will find it enjoyable/useful.